Verkauf Wafer Paper | A4 12 Stück in Gelb

Wafer Paper | A4 12 Stück in Gelb

Super Qualität aus England. 
A4/12 Blatt
12 Stück in A4 Form in Vanille und Erdbeer Geschmack. 
Stärke: zirka 0,35mm 
Für Veganer geignet, Glutenfrei!
Zutaten: Kartoffelstärke, Olivenöl
Lebensmittelfarbe: Carotene (E160a).
MHB: Januar 2018

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This product is crafted from a quality NATURAL edible wafer paper, approximately 0.35mm thick. We only use wafer paper that is sourced and manufactured within the EU. Our wafer paper is made from three simple, natural, ingredients, potato starch, water and palm oil. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Storage, Shelf Life & Use

If stored as recommended below our wafer paper will have a 24 month shelf life from manufacture. We usually offer at least 12 months shelf life when you receive the product although this may be considerable more. This product is made from natural ingredients and will taste best if used as soon as possible after manufacture. The vanilla flavour will become less over a period of time. This product is best stored in its original packaging, below 25 ̊C, at a relative humidity of 60-75% and away from sources of moisture and heat. DO NOT store in the open air. DO NOT store below 10 ̊C. This product will be more flexible if used in a warm humid environment. Use in cold dry conditions can make this product very brittle and likely to break, crumble and snap.


Handle with care as this edible wafer product is very delicate. Do not place any heavy object on top. Do not bend. Do not refrigerate. Keep Flat.


Potato starch, Olive Oil. Flavour: Strawberry and Vanilla. Sweetener: Sucralose (E955). 


Suitable for Vegetarians, Suitable for Vegans, Free of Genetically Modified Organisms, Gluten Free.


This information is from the recipes and information given by our suppliers. No rights may be derived from this information. If any modifications should occur we will update this specification so please check back on a regular basis.

Inhalt 12 Stück
Hersteller Selba

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