Wafer Paper | A4 6 Stück in Grün mit Vanille&Erdbeer Geschmack

Super Qualität aus England, CDA Produkt
A4/6 Blatt
6 Stück in A4 Form in Vanille Erdbeer Geschmack
Stärke: zirka 0,35mm 
Für Veganer geignet, Glutenfrei!

4,50 € inkl. MwSt.

  • Each A4 sheet is approximately 210mm high & 297mm wide

  • A tasty SUGAR FREE treat with delicious vanilla flavour, GLUTEN FREE

  • Crafted in the UK by CDA Products using quality ingredients from trustworthy sources

  • Many pack sizes available including BULK packs - TRADE PRICING and BESPOKE goods a speciality

  • Each pack has 12 A4 sheet(s) of edible wafer paper (rice paper) in beautiful packaging.

Inhalt 12 Stück
Hersteller Selba

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